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Georgia Hotel Reflections Patio photo

Fountain of the moment: Georgia Hotel Reflections Patio

Unseen from the street, and tucked away in the centre of the hotel's well, at the 2nd floor level is a patio which will soon be an outdoor lounge open to the public called Reflections. The patio floor is framed by narrow water channels with a stepping stone like walk-over into the central area. On one side of the patio, the channel widens into a large rectangular pool that overflows on one side into a drainage. It is a peaceful, surprisingly quiet area, sequestered from the hustle and bustle of the busy Georgia & Thurlow intersection. Guests in rooms on the hotel's inside rooms have pleasant views out onto this patio area, which are infinitely better than looking out onto a bland gravel rooftop studded with ventilation vents. Address: 669 Howe Street, Vancouver