This has been dubbed Thunder Chasm because when you stand by the chasm, you hear the thunderous roar of the water falling nearly 3 meters in a fury of white foamy menace. It is a miniature Victoria Falls. But that isn't the only feature of this water complex. The large semi-circular pool which drops into the chasm is very nice. Standing at its edge you can see the surrounding buildings and sky reflecting in its surface, and its bottom covered with large irregular granite rocks which makes you think of mountain streams. There is also the other semi-circular part that has a radial display of etched water channels in its finished concrete surface in which flow water from small fountains, and drain into the shallow semi-circular pool. One can walk over the etched water channels, which resemble little river deltas, and people and their dogs do walk in this area, the dogs drinking and the people stepping like giants over rivers. Finally, there is the cheery cluster of water fountains that dance in the center of the chasm, before crashing down into the chasm.

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