I called it the 'Glass Ball' because the artist's last name was Glass and it looks like a ball. Original eh? (Hey, I toyed with other names like egg-beater, time machine, whirly-gig) You can read the bronze plaque yourself, but the fountain is a gift of BC's German speakers. So, danke, its wundervoll! This is another fountain I must see frequently as I live and work downtown and regularly pass by this way but just today did it register that I had yet to take a picture of it. It is a big fountain. Large circular pond. Sitting in the large concrete plaza which takes in the entire quarter of the lot. At half-time, or intermission as they say in theatre, the patrons will spill out onto the fenced in plaza area and perhaps gaze upon the Glass Ball. The metal sculpture serves also as fountain. The water splashes down into the pool vigorously, with water spraying outside of the pool.

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