Reptilian is for the tightly packed geometric smooth coloured stone mosiac which covers the surface of the pool and the falls and made me think of reptile skin. Its really beautiful though it will probably take some contemplation before that becomes evident. This pond and falls has some interesting features. Closer to Beach Avenue is a large (1.5 meter diameter) black sphere which rests at the end of a stripe about 6 inches wide and 20 meters long which is surfaced by the reptile skin. If you stand beside the black sphere and look along the reptile skin line you can see it lines up with the notch in the pool through which the water spills down onto the falls. You will also notice that the water in this notch seems to blend into the water of False Creek. Nice optical illusion. When you stand on the waterfront path you can see the three levels of the reptile skinned falls glistening with the water spilling down onto it from the pond above. This is a very nice piece of work. I'd bet only a very few people have noticed the line, the black sphere and the notch water blending into the water of False Creek. Next time you are there, become one of them!

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