The Flame of Peace, which sits surprisingly forlornly in Seaforth Park at the junction of Burrard Street and Cornwall on the south side of the Burrard Street bridge, is a symbol of Vancouver's commitment to World Peace. This fountain is very intellectual. No splashy, loud or colourful gushings here. Just a cerebral setting and a flame that burns eternally. Consisting of a square stone pool with a stone pyramidal shaped island rising from the centre, the fountain's pyramid is capped with bronze sheeting, and topped with a large boulder on which sits a granite tableau, and on top of that is a stone bowl in which gutters the Flame of Peace (trumpet sound please!). Water issues forth from the flame's bowl, water never extinguishing flame, trickling down onto the granite tableau and wetting the boulder before spilling onto the bronze sheeting and into the pool. It begs for benchs so people can sit and reflect. Please make this a destination, not a shortcut!

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