• Shaw Tower Green Lantern

  • 1075 West Waterfront Road, Vancouver Google Maps link
Shaw Tower, near Canada Place, has a very unsual water art installation. On the waterfront side of the building, a very fine mist of water is sprayed from a series of small vents on the building's side. This mist, which is so fine you can barely feel it, floats down over a large stainless steel collecting basin. The strip of lighting that ascends the entire height of the building's edge begins here, colouring the mist a green and blue hue. I have only seen the mist it in operation once even after passing by half a dozen times. The Shaw Tower also has more water art on the streetside business lobby entrance which has a small pool outside the foyer, and the residential tower lobby has a small black tile pool from which just coloured lighted rods of glass. This residential foyer has other pits which now contain sand and stones but at one time contained water like the remaining pool however it must have been troublesome to maintain. Turn on the mist Shaw!

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