I confess. I am a 'fountain spotter'. Exciting hobby eh? Somehow, I became terribly fascinated with the fountains, pools, ponds, and water art installations in Vancouver. Maybe you will too after viewing this site.

There are so many of them. Once you have fountains on your mind, you will realize that they are everywhere in Vancouver. I have about 80 on the site so far, and at least another 80 on my list yet to be photographed.

Almost every week, I notice new fountains, pools, ponds, or water art installations. I've no doubt that there are many fountains still waiting for me to discover (never mind the new ones being built!). I make reminders to myself to revisit the new ones so I can photograph them and show them to you, but I have a life to live other than photographing fountains too.

It was very cool that VancouverFountains.com was a Georgia Straight 'Geek of the Week' in November 2006 (yes, Vancouver Fountains site is almost 9 years old!). It was an honour to be highlighted as Geek of the Week! Thanks to Dave Watson (Dot Comment and Geek of the Week columnist at Georgia Straight). http://www.straight.com/article/vancouver-fountains

There are so many fountains in Vancouver that I can't possibly photograph all of the so I will gladly welcome anyone else's submissions of photos of fountains, pools, ponds, and water art installations in Vancouver! Please contact me on Twitter at @VanFountains

To sum up, add this site to your favourites and keep coming back to see any new fountains as they are added. Please leave your comments! But most importantly, take some time to go see Vancouver's fountains for yourself!

Thanks for visiting and telling your fountain friends about the site!