Called this baby 'Big Flush' because these two water works cascade from the top of and down around a public washroom. This water works sits in David Lam Park and is a lookout from which you can see the soccer pitch and False Creek and Fairview Slopes across the other side of False Creek. There are two identical sets of square pools which spill into a very interesting curved trough like structure then down over one side along the walls, splashing down another trough into a collector before being pumped back up top. The curved troughs and water flow into them is arranged so that the water spills evenly out of it on all sides so that the water surface bulges up so if viewed from the side you can see the water 2 or 3 cm above the trough lip. When the water spills over the one side of the trough it does something similar but the trough into which it spills is deeper and the water falls about 2 or 3 meters thus making a thunderous roar and splashes onto the stairs. Calm on top but tumultuous down below. I wonder if the toilet had any impact on this fountains design?

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