Zowie! Wow! What the .. ! This water art is original. Imagine the sound of a hot tub, you know the bubbly sound with the kind of hum from the water pumps nearby. Well, that is sound that emanates from this pond! Water jets ringing the pool's side create exactly the same kind of bubbles and roiling water as in a hot tub. If that wasn't outlandish enough, the metal frames holding various coloured rocks that are glass like and are light up with the appearance of well ... um, kryptonite! Further accentuating this fountain is a ring of bright halogen lights embedded in the ground around the oval shaped pool. The first pictures were taken when the kryponite rocks were not lit up. But wham, the rest show them glowing red, green, blue and purple with the water roiling like a hot tub. Space age fountains in Coal Harbour - what will they think of next!

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